Want To Know How To Make Hiring, Leading, and Managing an Un-motivated Team A Thing In The Past?

Implement the simple 4 phase process that helped us grow to 200+ employees and $40million+ in revenue in just 6 years in our dental group, without having to stress about hiring or firing. With a team that we actually LOVED! No ugly crying or heavy drinking required. Our process has been proven time and time again, across 100's of practices in the last ten years.

Why Can't You Just Figure This Out on Your Own?

Because hiring, on-boarding and team management are hard. Complicated. They are big projects that require plans and accountability to happen well. 

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

You've spent countless hours trying to figure out the whole people first culture thing, and what to do to get new hires, and feel like you have an endless to-do list when it comes to getting your team aligned to the vision, productively spending their days and maintaining relationships that don't drain you. But when it comes to actually creating and executing a plan for leading and managing your team, you keep putting it off. You see other business owners with awesome teams, who are growing in revenue, actually enJOY being around each other, and you want the same thing, but you're not exactly sure what to do. 


You’ve hired before, but it was stressful, time-consuming, and you ended up with a poor fit team member.

You are realizing that delegation and leadership aren’t your natural strong suits, but you need a team that functions smoothly and for the increased growth of the business.

Maybe you’re in the hiring or managing process right now, but you’re struggling with making the right decisions, doubting the decisions you’ve made so far, hitting major roadblocks, and feeling so stuck.

What if You Could

Create the perfect hiring strategy so you can identify the best-fit team member for your needs?
Lead and manage your team to set your business up for continued growth (team members mean more revenue coming into the business)?

Surpass all of your current expectations by building a team that loves what they do, become incredible assets to the business, and help you grow your company to more than you could ever do alone?

We believe that you have what it takes, but it’s SO hard when we feel like we’re all alone. It's time for you to master your people process and become the leader everyone wants to work with.

Great News! There's an easier way to grow your team and grow your business.

And it takes a whole lot less effort and ends up being way more fulfilling without having to spend big bucks like you do every time you have to hire to fill a spot when someone leaves.
Instead of paying a a hefty fee for a consultant to come in and tell you WHAT to do, instead of HOW to, you can choose a payment option that suites your practice's specific budget and capacity!
Creating a joyFULL people system for leading and managing a team you actually LOVE, doesn't have to be rocket science or make you want to pull your hair out and drink the tallest glass of wine (you just need a little help from our coaches and easy to implement tools.)
That's a pretty sweet deal! 
Plus, the tools, templates, and training are so easy to use, you don't need complicated software to figure it out.



You KNOW that a proper people system for your business is the right decision, but you don’t even know where to start and are overwhelmed with all you've found on Google & Facebook groups. You need guidance and support but don’t need someone to create everything for you, because your company is unique. You just need a little hand-holding and support to give you the confidence that you can do this hiring, leading, and managing thing.

joyFULL People Signature Program

Here's What You Get

This program gives you the practical, no-fluff training, frameworks and systems to confidently lead yourself, your people & your business.

  • All access to extensive video library with more than 50 short, easy to digest lessons and trainings

  • Ready-to-implement tools, guides, workbooks

  • Exclusive Community of supportive peers, coaches, and experts 

  • Direct Access to joyFULL Coaches and Team * 

  • Live Monthly Training and Coaching Sessions *

  • Built in Accountability to ensure you stay on course * 

  • Free Lifetime Updates to all training and templates.*

*Standard with Built-Accountability and Pro-Implementation Level Membership

Every touch point in the team member life cycle is an opportunity to create a great employee experience, strengthen engagement, and foster talent.

We believe that when team members are in an environment where they can do ... and want to do...their best work, both the team members and the organization are set up for long-term success. Much of this happens through the design, development, and implementation of innovative and impactful talent management strategies and solutions that address every touch point in the employee life cycle.

Here's How This Works

We’ll guide you through a plan to win in the people process with the principles we've used to grow team members and companies for almost 20 years.

  • Sign Up and Set Up Your Account

    Build your profile and gain access to online tools and resources that will help you strengthen your people process.

  • Start Learning and Implementing

    Explore our training library and learn how to build the foundation to improve the four core elements of your people process that drive success: Focus, Synthesize, Master, and Revolution.

  • Connect With A Supportive Community

    Connect with a team of like-minded business owners and leaders who are committed to seeing you and your business grow through a the joyFULL revolution.

  • Realize Success and Find joyFULL-ness

    Drive your business toward success as you grow your leadership abilities, build a stronger team, and become more joyFULL.


"Meeting you turned out to not only be an unexpected crossroad in the path our business was traveling, but a launch pad that would propel and elevate all aspects of our lives. From the entire Open Door Dental team, THANK YOU!!"


Richard Hemsley

CFO, Open Door Dental

"Thank you for helping foster our teams vulnerability, dedication, and passion from day 1. Couldn't be happier to begin this journey with joyFULL."


Nicole Kelsey

COO, Shoreline Dental Group

"There is no investment I have made for my company better than the investment in joyFULL with Josey Sewell and her team."


Cory Pinegar

CEO, CallForce

“Working through the joyFULL program I was able to organize my thoughts and create a clear list of what specifically how to manage my team in a way that isnt micromangment. It’s not about titles, it’s knowing specifics of what I needed help with. Thank you so much to everyone at joyFULL, for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!!”


Faron Davis

COO, PremDent Consulting




per month

All Access to PlatformVideo LessonsEasy to ImplementTools, Guides, WorkbooksExclusive CommunityAll Additions and UpdatesLive Monthly Q&A Coaching CallBuilt In Accountability



per year

Get Two Months Free!

All Access to PlatformVideo LessonsEasy to ImplementTools, Guides, WorkbooksExclusive CommunityAll Additions and UpdatesLive Monthly Q&A Coaching CallBuilt In Accountability

Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident that The joyFULL People Signature Program can help you and your business, we're backing our membership with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, let us know within the first 30 days and we'll give you a refund.

"Studies have found an investment in company culture can increase employee engagement 29%, leading to a 17% rise in operating income and even a 29% increase in earnings."

Your Questions, Our Answers

Who is the joyFULL People Signature Program for?

Your leadership ability determines your level of effectiveness and long-term success of your business. This program is for anyone looking to raise the bar as a leader or business owner.

How do I get the most out of the program?

The joyFULL People Signature program is about developing disciplines that lead to effective leadership and management of your team. It’s not a quick win. You’re here to work on your business, leadership, and team. We're here to equip you, encourage you, and hold you accountable to the goals that you set.

How much of my time does this take?

This is up to you. The people that win spend 3–5 hours per month participating in the program.

What does the live coaching call cover?

Each session is a deep dive into the application of a different core element success principle. Signature members also gain access to the full video archive of live coaching sessions.

Is there a contract or commitment for the program?

There are no contracts for the program! But we do ask for your commitment to the lessons and in yourself as you go through the content and begin to build your business' joyFULL Revolution®.

What if I want individual coaching?

Actually, you can! joyFULL People and Business offer our 1-to-1 personal coaching service. Our coaches partner with leaders to help them maximize their influence, leverage their strengths, develop strategy and grow their businesses further and faster. It’s is a very limited program with just a few spots available. To learn more, contact us.


We've been where you are, it's why we knew we had to build this.

You're probably wondering who are we to help you?

A culture that spurs performance will make your company 3.7 times more likely to be a top performer. That’s where we come in. 
Our approach is collaborative and co-productive. We do not have all the answers. In our experience most organizations have the capacity within themselves to transform. What they need is experienced support and accountability to help them take the most effective steps.
We bring a wealth of experience and technical skills but we aim to and expect to learn as much from our community as they learn from us.
We are not management consultants. We don’t offer silver bullets or one size fits all solutions. We offer our experience, our skills, our abilities, our energy and our excitement for change.
We are all motivated by delivering excellent, high-quality, effective coaching. We believe the best way we can achieve that is by helping people in the dental industry to change their culture and perfect their leadership. 

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    What do you get when a dentist, a hygienist, and technology/marketing unicorn walk into an ice cream store?
    A chill business full of fun, growth (two scoops please), and a crap ton of sprinkles. 
    No but really...
    A team who can build dental practices and groups to scale the business (ask us how we grew from $0 to 40M in six years), grow the team (physically and figuratively), and create leaders who are caring, joyFULL people to work with. That's just a touch of what we've done in our businesses, if you want to talk about what we've done for 100's of other offices, let's chat!

You can go it alone.

But why would you want to? Join the joyFULL People Signature Program with Built In Accountability today to gain access to live coaching, built accountability, and more!


Joining the joyFULL People Signature Program may lead to:
ALIGNED PRODUCTIVE TEAMS: When your employees understand and align with the vision, and actually enJOY getting to work with a joyFULL leader, you're likely to find they are more productive as a whole.
REAL SUPPORT FROM YOUR TEAM: When your team feels respected, cared for, and safe, they're going to support the business and its leaders. Making it easier when leading and managing the company.
INCREASED REVENUE: Following a proven process for people in your business can only lead to continued growth, teams who are aligned and joyFULL, that will tend to spill over into your patient base, which means they LOVE coming to see you and your team..aka more revenue.

Not Sure Which Level Is Right For You?

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